Recent Cumming Ga Retaining Wall Construction and the Tools Used

When constructing a residential or commercial retaining wall, there are many aspects that come into the mind of the designer. First, this wall has to be good looking and also add some beauty into the whole landscape. Also, these walls have to be durable and considerably strong in order to ensure of their long service life. This will also reduce the amount of maintenance and in the overall the cost is reduced.

Construction of residential retaining walls requires the usage of a number of accessories and tools that will make work easier and accurate. These accessories are also meant to achieve efficiency in the overall work done. Some of these accessories include:


This is a tool that is very efficient in the reinforcement of soils where shorter walls are to be constructed. Reinforcing the soil ensures that the wall while is to be constructed above will be more stable and strong too. This ensures that the wall does not collapse in case there is any impact or rather falls on its own. This was extremely important on this Cumming retaining wall project because the height of the all. A fallen wall much like the one was about to be on this job would require extra money for rebuilding and manpower as well. This fabric is quite affordable thus cost is not a challenge. Installation is also easy and simple. It is also readily available in the market in the form of roll sizes which are ready to be used.

Watch video below showing the Cumming wall in progress


Lifter – Heavy Equipment

This is a heavy equipment machine that makes work easier when lifting and placing units. This is done especially when the units are to be placed on the base course during the beginning of the construction. This tool has two prongs which are inserted into the holes of the units that are to be lifted. Lifting the handles of the lifter enables to secure it tightly to the unit which is to be placed. This makes it very easy to lift the unit, balance it and then place it accurately. This tool is available from Noxon Tools and can be obtained from them. In the photo above you see McCullough Landscaping using the Kabuto lifter they bought from Noxon Tools.

Concrete Adhesive

This component is designed to be used in joints where it is expected that there will be some structural movement. It is also ideal for use in the non-traffic bearing joints so as to make them stronger and able to resist impact. A single cartridge with this component is enough to be applied on an approximate linear length of 14 feet. This product is too available in the market in plenty. Grid This is a tool that is essential when one is constructing a wall that requires a geogrid in order to make the soil strong and stable too. This accessory is designed for durability and very long life of service. It contains woven polyester yarns which are coated using a polymeric coating. Retention walls which are constructed on grid reinforced soils can go up to the heights of about 50 feet.

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